Against the Tides of Racism

This podcast released on Saturdays aims to generate awareness, foster community, and create transformation by coming together to lean into the inspiring work of anti-racism.

Hosted by Dr. Gina Ko, Ph.D. (Educational Leadership) (she/her), a Psychologist in Calgary, Alberta. This podcast features guests from all walks of life who have endured, spoke up, and took action against the tides of racism.
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Nina Sangra

Nina is a registered psychologist who helps people heal and grow from stress, trauma, burnout, compassion fatigue, PTSD, loss, and grief. She specializes in working with people who have experienced childhood, developmental, physical, and sexual trauma and may be reliving past wounds. She has a background working in community and feminist organizations and in post-secondary counselling services. Nina also works with health care providers and first responders who may be experiencing work-related stress or trauma. She takes a feminist and relational approach to therapy.

Nina currently works in private practice with clients in Alberta and can be contacted at

Upcoming guest

Lena Shulyakovskaya

Lena is a school teacher in Calgary and a PhD student in Adult Education and Community Development at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. Born in Kazakhstan when it was still part of the Soviet Union, Lena comes from a Russian and Korean family. Being of mixed race ancestry, she is interested in learning about lateral racism and how mixed race people are racialized in various contexts and through various race theorizations that often employ a monoracial lens. In her work, Lena is interested in examining schools as workplaces where everyday interactions between staff are acknowledged as being products of deep sociohistorical conditioning. Over the years, Lena co-led a number of counter-hegemonic projects with her students that involved art, drama, dance, and plants as forms of resistance against colonial ideologies.



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