Episode 90: The Representation of Asians Matter

Angie shares the importance of the representation of Asians in the workplace and the film industry. She identifies as Chinese and queer, and she came out in 2017 after deciding there was a need to have her voice heard in the acting space. She voices she would love for more people to speak up and share their stories of being Asian and for Asians to be included in various spheres.

Angie Hung

Angie Hung (she/her) is a proud Canadian who immigrated to Canada from Hong Kong at age 2. She is a full-time Project Manager and actress. She strives to be a voice for anti-racism, inclusion, and equity, not just from her experiences as a Chinese gay/queer female but also from the experiences of her friends who belong to all backgrounds and identities. She strives to learn from others (everyone, not just those who identify as minorities), to see where she can help fill the void and let others know they aren’t alone. Angie loves LEGO, Transformers, and party board games. Most importantly, she loves traveling the world to visit her friends from different countries and cultures.


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