Episode 39: Taking Time to Find Yourself

Cassie shares how she is a mixed-raced Chinese Canadian woman and grew up in a predominantly privileged white neighbourhood. On her travel to France a few years ago, she discloses that a man called her racial slurs and it was the first time she experienced overt racism. She voices that there are structural injustices and she is passionate about being outspoken against anti-Asian racism and taking time to find herself.

Cassie Wong-Wylie

Cassie (she/her) is an 18-year-old, mixed-race, Chinese Canadian, who has just finished up her first year at McMaster University and is passionate about the new life experiences and academic discourses she has encountered. Beginning a major in Political Sciences and Public Policy in the fall, Cassie focuses on gender politics and structural injustices in her studies. As the daughter of Gina Wong, founder of the Asian Gold Ribbon Campaign, Cassie aspires to be outspoken against anti-Asian racism and encourage conversations around racial inequalities with impassioned youth.


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