Episode 58: Experience as an Outsider: Be Curious

Charles shares how he was born in Canada and lived in Botswana, Ghana, and Tanzania. He felt like an outsider in that he spoke English and learned the different languages such as Swahili. He moved back to Canada in his 20s and the racist experiences are ones where he would be asked, “where are you really from?” He had to assert himself to join groups in school (he was rarely invited). As a director, mentor, supervisor, and instructor, he conveys the importance of being curious and spending time with people from different backgrounds.

Charles Coleman

Charles is a Calgary psychologist and marital therapist who is an empathic and dynamic listener. He is passionate about helping people live out their full potential and overcome hurdles that get in their way. An avid learner, Charles started his education in Zoology, obtaining a Bachelor of Science before deciding to move into Psychology at the University of Calgary. He obtained his master’s degree in counselling psychology at City University, Bellevue, Washington, and is currently completing his Ph.D. at Northcentral University, Scottsdale, Arizona. Charles worked with Alberta Health Services as a family counsellor before starting a private practice in 2008. The practice has grown to include a team of psychologists where Charles is currently the clinic director and where he provides mentorship and supervision as well as counselling to clients. Given his passion for developing the next generation of therapists, Charles teaches at both the University of Calgary and City University with a particular emphasis on Couples and Family Counselling. Charles has lived and traveled internationally spending over 20 years in various cultures and speaking three languages. He is currently learning Spanish. He enjoys competitive team sports, reading historical fiction, and spending quality time with friends and family around food.


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