Episode 7: Change from the Inside Out

Dr. Chipo talks about growing up in Zambia and then moved to England for post-secondary education and eventually to Canada to complete her graduate degrees. She shares her lived experiences as a mother and psychologist. She voiced the importance of self-reflection, believing in people when they tell you they have experienced injustice and racism, and providing space for people to process.

Dr. Chipo McNichols

Dr. Chipo McNichols is a Registered Psychologist who has been drawn to the growing knowledge around neurodevelopment because of personal experience as an African immigrant parent with lived experience, and professional experience working with populations that have, and continue to experience transgenerational traumas. She supports Indigenous communities across the lower mainland of BC, as well as incarcerated adult survivors of childhood trauma. A CityU alumni, she has recently returned to City University in the role of Associate Director for Social Justice and Advocacy, giving back to what she calls one of her communities of learning. As a psychologist and supervisor for master’s and doctoral level psychology interns, Chipo is committed to practicing and inviting others to expand their scope of clinical practice in ways that seek justice and create culturally safe spaces for non-Eurocentric worldviews.


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