Episode 79: Racism and Ai

Dr. Ed speaks to the importance of not feeling overwhelmed by solving racism. He shares that one adult could make a difference in a young person’s life by helping them understand the impact of Ai (for example). He shares that giving experience rather than simply focusing on giving knowledge may have people learn about different cultures. He voices the importance of understanding Ai and how it could more negatively impact racialized and lower-income families.

Dr. Edward Tse

Dr. Edward Tse is an internationally recognized keynote speaker and Edvocate Global EdTech Leader. His Ph.D. specialized in User Experience and Artificial Intelligence (Ux and Ai). Videos of Dr. Ed’s work went viral when YouTube first started in 2005 where he saw first-hand the power of Ai to influence media and politics. He founded Ai Parenting to help families regain control of their relationships, mental health, and career prospects by learning the financial and political motivations of AI systems. Dr. Ed has more than 15 years of experience in Education and Technology including three successful mergers and acquisitions. Dr. Ed’s story of Creativity captivates audiences with future-proof skills that can not be replaced by Automation. Dr. Ed was the founding School Council Chair of the largest online school in Alberta with over 5600 students.


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