Episode 47: Compassion and Understanding to Bridge Communities

Fred shares how he was born and raised in Edmonton and his parents immigrated from Canton. He voices growing up, he felt different as there was only one other Asian student in his class. He tells his journey of becoming a counselling psychologist and his interest in the mental health of Asian Canadians. He notes compassion and understanding are crucial to bridging communities to foster connection and solidarity.

Information on these studies, as well as other resources relevant to Asian mental health in Canada can be found on his website www.growthandsolidarity.ca.

Dr. Fred Chou (周敏浩)

Dr. Fred Chou (周敏浩) is an assistant professor in counselling psychology in the department of Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies at the University of Victoria and a registered psychologist. He is a 2nd generation Chinese Canadian with ancestral roots from the Canton province. His research interests include the mental health of Asian Canadians, intergenerational trauma and resilience, and youth mental health literacy. Currently, he is the principal investigator for the following research projects: (Re)Claim and Connect, using storytelling in groups to address anti-Asian racism; (Re)Cultivating Family Stories, a self-guided program to foster connection to family and heritage; and Stories that Shape Us, narratives of Chinese Canadian intergenerational resilience.


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