Episode 88: Create Community Awareness about Anti-Asian Racism

Lin shares she left Taiwan in her early 20s to pursue a Master of Social Work degree in New York City and later moved to Canada. She discloses the many overt racist experiences she has had, such as being shouted at, invisibilized, and sworn at. She states the importance of coming together as a community to create awareness, make some noise, and take action to combat anti-Asian racism.

Dr. Lin Fang

Lin Fang is an Associate Professor and the endowed Factor-Inwentash Chair in Children’s Mental Health. Her research program focuses on advancing theoretical and empirical knowledge of positive child and youth development through etiology and intervention research, as well as community-based research and services. In recent years, Lin has concentrated her scholarship on community-based research, examining how neighborhood and structural factors shape the lived experiences of young people, and how they, in turn, engage with and understand the world around them. Her inquiry into anti-Asian racism began with My Script My Voice, a university-community collaboration aimed at empowering Asian youth in the face of racism. Currently, Lin serves as the Principal Investigator for Project APPA, a 3-year research endeavor funded by SSHRC. This project works with Asian parents and other stakeholders to promote capacity building, develop knowledge and resources, and advocate for an Asian-centered approach against anti-Asian racism.


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