Episode 43: Anti-Racism Practice: Love, Dignity, Wellbeing

Linda talks about how she was born in Suriname and came to North America in 1993 (Colorado and then Calgary in 1997). She shares the racism and microaggressions she has faced in the workplace and outside the workplace. She discloses how she speaks five languages and people would comment on how eloquently she speaks English. She notes the importance of anti-racism in action and the need for love, kindness, and belonging.

Dr. Linda Kongnetiman-Pansa

Dr. Linda Kongnetiman-Pansa (she/her) is currently the City of Calgary Anti-Racism Program Manager. Prior to this Linda held the role of Provincial Manager in Addiction and Mental Health. She also worked as a Social Work Professional Practice Leader. She is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Calgary. Her training and research interest focus on preparing professionals for working in global contexts. She is committed to social justice, anti-oppressive practice, and equity in health care, and human service organizations, integrating research into practice, and advancing anti-racist practice. She holds a Ph.D., a Master, and a Bachelor of Social work degrees.


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