Episode 78: The Space In-Between Cultures

Nadia shares how her family is from an East Indian background, and she grew up in a rural town with mostly farmers and ranchers. She voices the importance of bridging many cultures. She notes her mom is a strong woman, and her dad broke the mould of the traditional male and helped with caring for her and her brother. She indicates the importance of assuming positive intent because the world is not binary and dichotomous.

Dr. Nadia Delanoy

Dr. Nadia Delanoy is an Assistant Professor (Adj.), Researcher, and Project Manager in the Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary. Her research interests include evidence-based practice in assessment, leadership, and innovative pedagogies in technology enhanced environments as well as big data and social media analytics to support innovative business and technology practices. Through her work at the university, her consulting practice, and being a Director of Advocacy for one of the Fulbright Association arms, she strives to contribute to change in the areas of educational development, EDIA initiatives, and educational program design and implementation.


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