Episode 36: Transforming Ourselves from the Inside Out

Anusha talks about how her father is South Asian and her mother is French Canadian. She shares that her father was born in India, then moved to South Africa and Canada. Anusha voices the beauty of intersections such as race, religion, and culture. She notes the importance of talking to children and youth about “isms” because young people are insightful. She states the importance of challenging our biases and assumptions in order to transform from the inside out.

Dr. Anusha Kassan

I have a passion for critical psychology and it has emerged out of my own personal background. Specifically, I grew up in a biracial, bilingual, bi-religious home; an experience that has shaped the way in which I view the world and the way in which I understand the role of a helper. In parallel, my psychological practice is informed by feminist, multicultural, and social justice theories. I have a small private practice in Calgary, Alberta where I work with many women who have been racialized and members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ alongside individuals from other minoritized groups. I am also an Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia. In that role, my program of research is informed by an overarching social justice lens and presently includes two major foci. First, I am studying the process of school integration among newcomer families in French and English public education systems. Second, I am conducting teaching and learning research, investigating cultural and social justice responsiveness in professional psychology.


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