Episode 45: Lead by Example: We Need to Rise

Lola shares how her family moved to the USA from Taiwan when she was 11 years old. She voices how she saw white people for the first time at 11; she saw Black people for the first time at 13. She notes that she has two younger sisters, and she experiences her dad telling her women can be powerful and strong. She shares she is married to a Black man, and their son is Blasian. She voices how we are all deeply connected and need to adhere to the importance of leading by example; we need to rise.

Lola T. Small

Lola is a Taiwanese-Canadian women’s empowerment coach, bestselling + award-winning author, and racial equity advocate. With over 25 years of combined experience in children’s education, mind-body fitness education, nonprofit fundraising, athletic event planning, and empowerment coaching, Lola is passionate about supporting girls & women to share their dreams and impact with the world. A graduate from University of British Columbia in Psychology, she is certified in multiple coaching modalities, and is now co-founder of Black Lives Rising Media, a social enterprise with empowerment programs to amplify powerful Black leaders. Through initiatives with Room to Read, World Pulse, and FemCity, Lola’s work spans from North America to Asia and Africa. Her books For My Girls, Fitness to Freedom, and Women Let's Rise are available, and her next book project “We Rise in Power: Amplifying Women of Color and Her Voices for Change” releases March 2023.


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