Episode 8: Action & Accountability from Elected Officials

Sonia talks about her experiences of racism whereby she and her young son was told to go back to their country and were threatened with violence. She tried to report it to the police and they said there is not much they could do about it. She urges everyone to take action and reach out to elected officials to be a part of systemic change.

Dr. Sonia Aujla-Bhullar

Pronouns: she/her Dr. Sonia Aujla-Bhullar holds a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Learning with a focus on anti-racism, diversity, inclusion and equity within education. Her current work focuses on multiethnic and anti-racism community engagement between schools and racialized families and students. She has published works that include critical analyses around the experiences of racialized minorities and women in education. She has taught both in the public school system and as an instructor at the University of Calgary. As an avid volunteer and supporter of community engagement, she has organized both local and national initiatives within the Sikh community and is a board member of the World Sikh Organization. She is also Co-Chair of the South Asian Police Advisory Committee (SAPAC) for the Calgary Police Service, a previous council member of the Government of Alberta inaugural Anti-Racism Advisory Council (AARAC), and current co-chair to the City of Calgary Anti-Racism Action Committee (ARAC).


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