Episode 91: Be Yourself and Follow Your Dreams

Kellina shares how she became deaf at four years old and attended a deaf and hearing school. She discloses moments when a guidance counsellor and professor told her she couldn’t do what she wanted (which was to become a doctor). She went into the field of psychology to mentor those who have disabilities and those who don’t. She voices the importance of being yourself and following your dreams.

Kellina Powell

Kellina is a deaf coach and advocate, a podcast speaker, a best selling author, and a passionate entrepreneur on a mission to help young adults with disabilities achieve their goals while also educating others about the deaf community. What makes her story even more incredible is that Kellina is actually a hard of hearing person who lost 100% of her hearing at the young age of 4. Being hard of hearing hasn’t stopped her from pursuing her dreams including gaining her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from York University and post-graduate certificate in Mental Health and Addiction, becoming a life coach, and an Amazon best selling author with her first book, “Everyday I Am Just Deaf.”


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