Episode 87: Be Proactive About Your Good Intentions

Winnie shares that she came to Canada from Hong Kong as a child and moved to Scarborough, Ontario. She states how there were many Asians in her community. She said that she chose to be an entrepreneur and is a Board Chair of the Hong Fook Mental Health Association partly due to her research on caregiver resiliency and learning about positive psychology. She voices the importance of leaning into social awkwardness to cultivate connection and be proactive about your good intentions.

Winnie is a mission-focused entrepreneur, business strategist, and social advocate. Her entrepreneurial venture and consultancy Good Work Collective Inc. is focused on building scalable tools to advance an age-inclusive digital future. Winnie also serves as the Board Chair of Hong Fook Mental Health Association, where she steers an agency with over four decades of serving diverse Asian communities of the GTA. Winnie is also a life-long learner, and proud to be an alum of the Richard Ivey School of Business, and Rotman School of Management where she recently completed an EMBA specializing in health system transformation. She is a certified Positive Psychology Practitioner and Resiliency Coach, and integrates these practices in guiding herself, individuals and teams.

Winnie Tsang


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